What is no-code development?

No-code development tools let you create software without writing code. It allows anyone to quickly create apps by using interactive tools.

With Conclude you can choose between no-code and code editing, and move between them. Some advanced features may only be available for code editing until it’s supported by the no-code tools.

If you want to learn to write code, we recommend starting out with no-code tools, and then continue to work with the source code. Conclude apps are designed to be easy to read and understand. A typical app has less than 100 lines of code.

The App Installer

The quickest way to create a new app is to use the interactive app installer. If you read the quickstart guide, you’ve already seen it in action.

You can launch the installer from Conclude Home > Apps > Install App, or by typing the command /c app install in Slack.

The app installer consists of 2 steps.

Step 1: Choose a channel where you want to install an app and a blueprint


Step 2: Customize the app’s name, label, description, and launch button


Conclude’s blueprints are generic templates for workflows, and they provide a good starting point for an app. To modify the app you just deployed, you need to use the app builder.

Conclude Home’s App Page

You’ll find all installed apps on Conclude Home’s App page. Here you can launch apps and view details about apps.


This is also where you start the app builder. Click Settings to open the app builder.

The App Builder

The app builder has a main menu with information about the app and where it is installed.

  • Click the source link to view the source code in an external editor.
  • Configuration: open the main app settings.
  • Attributes: edit the app’s attributes.
  • Presentation: change the app’s texts and messages.


Configuration settings

The configuration contains the main settings that defines the behavior of the app. Here you can change the name and label of the app, set a default owner, decide who should participate, and much more.

The settings are explained in the developer’s guide > configuration settings.



An attribute is a data field that holds information about an activity, for example a subject headline (title), and a conclusion text. An app may have up to 32 attributes.

The attributes are explained in the developer’s guide > attributes.


This view shows a list of the attributes used by the app.

Click the […] button to change an attribute or move it up or down in the list.

To add an attribute, scroll to the bottom on the view and click the +Add attribute button. When adding an attribute, enter the type, name and label of the attribute and click Add. You can edit the attribute by choosing Edit from the […] menu.

Presentation settings

When presenting information about activities, Conclude apps generate texts based on the app label. Here you can modify these texts.


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