The team’s activity inbox

In the same way that your email inbox contains your emails, the Conclude inbox contains the team’s activities. Green items represent closed activities, while yellow or red items are open activities. An activity becomes red when its severity level is ‘medium’ or higher.


Click on an activity to view more information, including the team discussions. You can see the entire activity log by clicking the Show log button.

If you type “needle” in the search field, the inbox will only show activities containing this word. You may search for any word, user name or channel name.

For more advanced search, click the Show filters button. This lets you set more advanced search filters, for example, all activities you are responsible for that have an expired deadline.

The team report

The team report displays a graphical view of all team activities that you have access to. The history goes back 12 months.


The boxes and graphs are interactive. Clicking on a bar will switch to the inbox and display the activities that were created (yellow color) or concluded (green) on a specific day or during a week.

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