How can I get help using Conclude?

The most common use of Conclude is to create an activity based on a blueprint.
Type /c to see which blueprints are available in your workspace.
Here are some other useful commands:
/c <blueprint> to create an activity based on a blueprint.
/c new to create a new activity in the current channel.
/c help to learn about the other commands.

Can anyone in my team use Conclude?

All regular Slack team members and multi-channel guests can use the /c <blueprint> command to create an activity for a specific blueprint that has been installed with global scope (for example the helpdesk or incident blueprint). In order to use the /c new command to create an activity in a certain channel the user must be a regular Slack member with permission to create new channels.

Every team member with channel access can participate in Conclude activity discussions. Public activity channels are visible to everyone in the team except single- and multi-channel guests. Private activity channels can only be accessed by the channel members.

Where do I find Conclude in Slack?

You'll find Conclude under Apps on the left side bar in Slack, at the very bottom.

Can I invite people with the /c new or /c [blueprint] command?

Yes, just mention any number of team members and user groups:
/c new @amy @joe @dev-team
Blueprints even lets you create a default invitation list: /c blueprint set members [...]

What happened to the raise command?

The /raise command has been changed to /c new to better describe how Conclude works with blueprints and activities instead of just issues. /raise will still work for some time, but will be retired in the future.

Where can I find information about blueprints?

Grab a coffee and check out the Blueprint Guide .

What is a Conclude activity channel?

An activity channel is the dedicated channel created by Conclude where the team can work on a single task. Activity channels have a unique name that start with an underscore (_) and end with a -number. For example, when creating a new incident from the #incidents channel would generate activity channel #_incident2-1 (-2, -3, etc.).
An activity channel is automatically archived when the activity is concluded and closed. It is available in Conclude Inbox, but not visible in Slack.

What is a parent channel?

In Conclude lingo, the parent channel is the Slack channel where you create an activity. In the example above, #incidents is the parent channel.

Can I set a deadline?

You can set and change deadlines by either clicking on the Edit button next to the deadline in the activity channel, or use /c deadline in Slack. Alternatively you can use the Conclude Inbox.

/c deadline Tueday at 4pm - sets a deadline
/c deadline - displays the current deadline
/c deadline clear - removes the deadline

Deadlines are set in the user's local timezone.

Who can see the activity channel?

When you create an activity from a public channel, it will have no members, except you and Conclude. The activity channel will show up in someone's channel list as soon as you invite them, just like a regular Slack channel. In Conclude Inbox, it will be visible to all members of the parent channel, not just those who were invited to the activity.

Note: Private channels are special. Creating a new activity from a private channel will by default invite every parent channel member. If someone is kicked out from a private activity it won't be visible in the Conclude Inbox even if they're a member of the parent channel.

How do I rename a channel?

Conclude automatically picks a name for activity channels, for example #_dev-12. You can choose a custom name this way: /c new -c #mychannelname. You may rename the channel later at any point from Slack's settings menu or by using Conclude's /c rename command.

We recommend using the underscore ( _ ) preceding the new name to sort the channel on top of your channel list.

Can I use Conclude in any Slack channel?

Yes, you can use Conclude in any public or private channel in Slack. You may not create new activity channels from direct message (DM) conversations or from inside existing activity channels.

Can I remove someone from an activity?

Yes. The procedure is the same as when removing someone from a channel in Slack, by using the Slack channel settings menu or the built-in /remove command.

Can I remove myself from an activity?

Yes. You use the same procedure as in Slack, either through Slack's channel settings menu or by using the built-in /leave command.

How do I conclude an activity?

Click the Conclude button in the activity channel, or use the /c conclude command.

What happens when I conclude an activity?

Conclude will archive the activity channel, but you can always find it in the Conclude Inbox.

Can I reopen an activity that has been concluded?

Yes, you may do this in the Conclude Inbox. Just click Reopen in the Settings menu.

I want to share some feedback with the Conclude team!

Appreciated! You can do so with the /c feedback command or contact us via email or the messenger on

I'm still looking for an answer...

Send us an email on and we'll do our best to answer within 1 or 2 business days.