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Conclude takes Slack collaboration to a higher level with conversation apps, which add structure and governance to messaging. Conversation apps implement workflows for incident management, approvals, bug tracking and much more.

Deploy custom apps in minutes with interactive tools. Read more on the product pages.

Conclude is developed by Conclude AS, a software company based in Oslo, Norway.

Our founder, Haavard Nord, invented the popular development framework Qt years ago. Qt gives developers one framework and codebase that can run on any platform, and is used in luxury cars, big brand consumer electronics, advanced desktop apps, and mission-critical embedded devices.

Haavard and his team work relentlessly to take collaboration to a higher level and make teams more productive, just like Qt has helped thousands of companies build better software.

The quickstart takes you through all the steps from signing in with Conclude to installing and running your own app - all in less than 15 minutes.

If your team is already using Conclude, type /c to see a list of Conclude apps you can use.

You can start out with the free Conclude Basic plan and deploy as many apps as you want, and create up to 30 activities.

The team will need to upgrade to the Conclude Business plan to continue using Conclude after reaching the 30 activity limit.

The pricing is based on the number of the active user count in a rolling 90-day window. Conclude displays the current active user count at the bottom of Conclude Home > Dashboard.

All regular Slack team members may use the /c <app> command to launch apps and participate in activity channel discussions. They are not required to sign in to use Conclude.

Users need to sign in to use the Conclude Inbox or to create apps.

Restricted accounts: Multi-channel guests are able to launch (global) apps to report incidents etc., but they are not permitted to use Conclude Home or Conclude Inbox.

Go to Conclude Home > Help or type the Slack command /c help if you need help.

You may want to check out these resources:

Customer support:

Our response time is typically one business day.

For any other inquiries:

You’ll find Conclude Home under Apps on the left side bar in Slack.
Alternatively, you can type the command /c home to see a link for getting there.

It’s easy and straight-forward. Conclude is a no-code development tool for everyone, letting people who work in non-technical fields create real and useful apps quickly.

You can use interactive tools to create apps, or use an editor to manually edit app files. Conclude apps are expressed in a high-level language and are very compact.

Using Conclude

An activity channel is the temporary channel created by a Conclude app where the team can work on a single task. Activity channels typically start with an underscore and end with a sequential number to give them a unique name, for example, #_incident-1, #_incident-2 etc.

Conclude automatically archives an activity channel when the activity is concluded and closed. You can still see closed activities in Conclude Home and Conclude Inbox.

Conclude automatically generates activity channel names based on the channel where the activity is installed.

For example, if you install an app in #devops, activity channels will be named #_devops-1, #_devops-2 etc. You can manually rename the channel with Slack’s /rename command.

If you want Conclude to generate a different activity channel name, change the channel_name setting. See the developer’s guide for details.

Certainly. If you install an app in a private channel, all activity channels will be private by default.
Yes, you can use Conclude in any public or private channel in Slack. You cannot create new activity channels from direct message (DM) conversations or from inside existing activity channels.
Yes. The procedure is the same as when removing someone from a channel in Slack, by using the Slack channel settings menu or the built-in /remove command.
Yes. You use the same procedure as in Slack, either through Slack’s channel settings menu or by using the built-in /leave command.
Conclude archives the activity channel, but you can always find it in the Conclude Inbox.
You can reopen activities from the Conclude Inbox. Just click Reopen in the Settings menu.
/c feedback opens a form where you can send feedback to the Conclude team.

Thank you for giving feedback - it helps us improve Conclude.

Customer support:

Our response time is typically one business day.

For any other inquiries:

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