Developer commands provide a quick and convenient way to install and edit apps.

The commands described here, except /c app install, should be executed in a channel containing an app, or in an activity channel.

Open the app installer

  • /c app install opens the app installer to let you install a new app.

Open the app builder

  • /c app edit opens the app builder where you can modify an existing app.

View app information

  • /c app shows information about the installed app.

Delete an app

  • /c app delete opens a dialog and asks if you want to delete the app.

View or change the app type

  • /c app type shows the app type.
  • /c app set type <custom|global> sets the app type.

View or change the app name

  • /c app name shows the app name.
  • /c app set name <name> sets the name of the app.

View or change the app’s label

  • /c app label shows the app’s label.
  • /c app set label <label> sets the label.

Owner setting

  • /c app owner shows the owner setting, see roles.
  • /c app set owner <@user> sets the owner.


  • /c app set owner @sarah

Members setting

  • /c app members shows the members setting, see roles.
  • /c app set members <@user, #channels & @user-groups> sets the members.


  • /c app set members #devops @jim @management

Conclude will build the member list dynamically, based on the users and current channel- and user group members when an activity is created.

Alert setting

  • /c app alert shows the alert setting, see configuration.
  • /c app set alert <@user, #channels & @user-groups> changes the alert setting.

Similar to setting members.

Notifications setting

  • /c app notifications shows the notifications setting, see configuration.
  • /c app set notifications <setting> changes the notifications setting.

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